Rev. Teresa Rambold


Teresa Rambold

Our Owner

Teresa Rambold is a  retired ordained minister with Centers for Spiritual Living, and is a professional special event ceremonialist who is there for you when life’s next chapter is happening.  Teresa is also a life coach and a published Music Therapy professional who can open others up to the mystery of change and challenge like no other.  Besides conduction a growing business as a Wedding Officiate and Funeral Celebrant she spends most of her days leading and teaching Meditation Education and music therapy.  Her personal Vision and highest dream is to see and to experience a world that works for everyone.   Also, on a more personal note, Teresa is a small town Canadian who was born in the mountains of Fernie B.C.  She is a mom, a spouse, a dog, cat and nature lover,  she is a former long term figure skating coach, and she is a lifelong learner.  

TaOe Incorporated

"The art of encouragement inc."or TaOe, is creatively helping people awaken, transform, heal their hearts, be uplifted, and opened.  Without judgement and without fixing our NOW moment, this moment, can BE an invitation to a healthy and happy next chapter.  

TaOe's recordings and meditation education presentations offer authentic harmonious blends of performance music and music therapy work. Discover original theta brainwave recordings that are presented to the rhythm of your heartbeat and are delicately woven with an empowering soothing voice. For on site contracts and consultations Teresa chooses unique instruments such as the Koshi chimes tuned to earth, wind, water and fire, and the auto harp played like native drum. 

Sound frequency technology, and it's science,  opens the mind and the heart.  

Corporate clients include:

Busting Loose from the Money Game (California), Vision Mountain self development (B.C. and Alberta), Psychology of Vision professional development (B.C., Germany and India), Power Path Shamonic Education (USA and Peru), Landmark Education workshops (Alberta), Oneness University spiritual development (India), Season for non-violence events (Alberta), Joy of Life Centre services (Calgary), The Power Path shamanic retreats (Peru, New Mexico and Alberta), Omega Vector professional development workshops (Arizona, B.C. & Alberta), International youth assembly (Edmonton), Harmony Olympics peace studies (Hawaii), Earth Charter (Mexico), Heart of the City music festival (Edmonton), CSL – Centers for Spiritual Living retreats, spiritual services, and seminars (California, Hawaii, NS, NB, AB & B.C.), Edmonton Chamber of Commerce World Trade Centre, The Power Within (Alberta), Peek Potentials (Alberta), Cayman National Theatre Co. (British West Indies), Elder Care Programs and Autism Today workshops (Alberta and British Columbia), Funeral Homes in Calgary, Yoga studios & more.


To learn more, please contact us in Calgary, Alberta.