Rev. Teresa Rambold


New Releases

From My Heart to Yours
Invite Love, experience peace, feel abundant, dream a beautiful dream, be well with TaOe.

Teresa, Artist of Encouragement.


Inspiring Music Therapy
available at events and sessions

After a While - Coming Soon
Inspirational poetry to invite Love, Health & Transcendence

Majesty in Motion  - Coming Soon

A Spiritual Mind Treatment video presentation
You/we, the I am that I am, are all royals and the world awaits.
For the origin of the word majesty is the greatness of God.

Theta Brainwave Meditation - Coming Soon
To take a moment, breathe.
“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”
Albert Einstein

"How It Works" - Coming Soon

Teresa Rambold, Life Coach in Calgary, Alberta

Rev. Teresa Rambold 
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